- Our solutions to cope with this pandemic -

The essentials in 5 minutes

'Safety and compliance in Core Facilities during a pandemic'

In this techno bite you will get a glimpse on the key functionalities of Agendo, such as booking methodologies, requesting facility services and communication tools, as well as some interesting tools to address the challenges that COVID pandemic imposed on core facilities. In particular:
a) the ability to control the number of simultaneous bookings for the same room and limiting the number of users;
b) the possibility of enforcing safety measures by configuring a buffer-time between reservations destined to disinfection and/or air renovation;
c) multiple tools enabling workflow flexibility and reliability, keeping the processes going with the necessary adaptations to this pandemic situation.

Presented on January 2021 at the RMS Virtual Meetings

New feature coming!

Agendo has released a new feature that optimises calendar management to face the COVID situation, with a refined overview and room/calendar access control. This is a huge enhancement to the software, and to core facility management in general!

We keep improving!

- We aim to always be up-to-date, while forecasting your future needs -


- Distinct user profiles with access to different time schedules for the resource
- Warning notifications about usage
- Information and issues linked directly to the reservation in the software
- Instructions and media attachments

Equipment Usage

- Calendar profiles with room occupancy warnings
- Real usage tracking with notifications
- Buffer time between reservations
- Mobile friendliness to improve access flexibility


- Mailing lists to target users
- Chat for easier communication
- Issue tracking at the booking slot level
- Requesting services via structured forms, with defined workflows and interactions that need no physical contact

... and more to come!


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